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2.0-Ltr High Pressure Compressed Air Storage Carbon Fiber Cylinder (Narrow Version)

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Introducing our narrow version 2.0-liter Carbon Fiber Composite Air Storage Tank – a safety-focused powerhouse designed for enduring reliability. Meticulously made, featuring a seamless aluminum liner fully wound in lightweight, robust carbon fiber, 2.0L capacity. This compact and resilient tank serves as an ideal portable power solution, especially for rescue line throwers. Boasting a 15-year lifespan and strict adherence to EN12245 standards and CE certified, it ensures longevity and compliance. Elevate your equipment with this featherweight yet sturdy cylinder, redefining the standards of safety and portability in rescue operations


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Product Number CFFC96-2.0-30-A
Volume 2.0L
Weight 1.5kg
Diameter 96mm
Length 433mm
Thread M18×1.5
Working Pressure 300bar
Test Pressure 450bar
Service Life 15 years
Gas Air


Carbon Fiber Excellence: Skillfully wrapped for exceptional performance.

Long-Term Durability: Extended product lifespan ensures reliable, long-term use.

On-The-Go Portability: Effortless to carry, perfect for your dynamic lifestyle.

Safety Assurance: Zero explosion risk guarantees your peace of mind.

Dependability Guaranteed: Strict quality assurance measures for unwavering performance.

CE Standards Compliance: Complies with CE directive standards, reinforcing our commitment to quality and safety


- Rescue line throwers

- Respiratory equipment suitable for tasks such as rescue missions and firefighting, among others

Zhejiang Kaibo (KB Cylinders)

Welcome to Zhejiang Kaibo Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd., a leading expert in the production of carbon fiber fully wrapped composite cylinders. Holding the prestigious B3 production license from AQSIQ and products have CE certification, our journey began in 2014. Recognized as a national high-tech enterprise in China, we take pride in our annual production capacity of 150,000 composite gas cylinders.

Our products, born from cutting-edge technology, play crucial roles in various sectors. From firefighting and rescue operations to mining, diving, medical applications, and power solutions, our versatile cylinders offer reliable solutions tailored to diverse industry needs. At Zhejiang Kaibo, we combine expertise, innovation, and a commitment to quality, ensuring our cylinders meet the highest standards. Explore the possibilities with our products, designed to redefine safety and efficiency across a range of applications.

Company Milestones

In 2009, Zhejiang Kaibo Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd. was established, marking the beginning of a journey toward excellence.


A pivotal year arrived in 2010, as the company obtained the B3 production license from AQSIQ, leading to successful sales initiation.


The following year, 2011, witnessed a milestone with CE certification, enabling product export and an expansion in production capacity.


By 2012, Zhejiang Kaibo achieved the first market share in its industry, showcasing early signs of leadership.


2013 marked a significant chapter, as the company was recognized as a science and technology enterprise in Zhejiang Province. This year also saw the completion of the manufacture of LPG samples and the initiation of vehicle-mounted high-pressure hydrogen storage cylinder development.


The momentum continued in 2014, with the company earning the esteemed title of a national high-tech enterprise.


Progressing into 2015, Zhejiang Kaibo celebrated the successful development of hydrogen storage cylinders, solidifying its position as a major player in the industry. Notably, the enterprise standard drafted for this product gained approval from the National Gas Cylinder Standards Committee.

This chronological journey underlines Zhejiang Kaibo's commitment to innovation, quality, and technological advancements. Explore further to witness the evolution of a company that consistently sets and achieves significant milestones in the realm of composite gas cylinders.


Customer-Centric Approach

At the heart of our ethos is a profound understanding of our customers' needs, driving our commitment to deliver unparalleled products and services that not only add value but also cultivate enduring partnerships. Our unwavering focus is on agility in response to market demands, ensuring customer satisfaction through swift and efficient product and service delivery.

We've meticulously structured our organization with customers at the forefront, constantly assessing our performance based on valuable market feedback. Customer-centricity is not just a philosophy but a guiding principle in our product development and innovation processes. Moreover, customer complaints serve as immediate catalysts for refining and enhancing our products, reinforcing our dedication to continuous improvement.

Discover a customer-centric approach that goes beyond rhetoric – explore how we align our strategies, innovations, and services with the dynamic needs of our valued clientele, fostering enduring and mutually beneficial relationships.

Quality Assurance System

We uphold a meticulous approach to ensuring the quality of our products, a critical element in our multi-variety, large-scale production. Our stringent quality system stands as the bedrock, ensuring unwavering product excellence across diverse offerings. At Kaibo, our distinction lies in a series of certifications, including CE, ISO9001:2008 for quality management, and compliance with TSGZ004-2007 standards.

These certifications aren't just accolades; they embody our commitment to delivering reliable composite cylinder products. We invite you to delve deeper, exploring how our steadfast dedication to rigorous quality practices consistently translates into offerings that exceed expectations. Discover the essence of our quality assurance and certifications that underpin the reliability and excellence of our composite cylinders.

Company Certificates

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