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2.4L Carbon Fibre Cylinder Type3 for Mining Work

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2.4-liter Carbon fibre Composite Type 3 Cylinder: Engineered with meticulous attention to safety and durability. This cylinder boasts a seamless aluminium core completely wrapped in resilient carbon fibre, offering robustness without adding bulk. Its 15-year lifespan ensures consistent, dependable performance, making it an ideal choice for mining breathing apparatus

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Product Number CRP Ⅲ-124(120)-2.4-20-T
Volume 2.4L
Weight 1.49Kg
Diameter 130mm
Length 305mm
Thread M18×1.5
Working Pressure 300bar
Test Pressure 450bar
Service Life 15 years
Gas Air

Product Features

-Ideal for mining breathing apparatus.

-Long lifespan without any compromise in performance.

-Lightweight and highly portable for effortless handling.

-Designed with safety as the top priority, ensuring zero explosion risks.

-Extraordinary performance and reliability.


Air storage for mining breathing apparatus

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Kaibo's Journey

2009: The inception of our company.

2010: A significant milestone as we secured the B3 production license from AQSIQ, marking our entry into sales operations.

2011: We achieved CE certification, enabling us to export our products internationally. This period also saw an expansion in our production capabilities.

2012: A pivotal moment when we became the industry leader in market share.

2013: Recognition as a science and technology enterprise in Zhejiang Province. This year also marked our initial foray into manufacturing LPG samples and the development of vehicle-mounted high-pressure hydrogen storage cylinders. Our annual production capacity reached 100,000 units of various composite gas cylinders, solidifying our position as one of China's foremost manufacturers of composite gas cylinders for respirators.

2014: We were honored with the distinction of being a national high-tech enterprise.

2015: A notable achievement as we successfully developed hydrogen storage cylinders, and our enterprise standard for this product gained approval from the National Gas Cylinder Standards Committee.

Our history reflects a journey of growth, innovation, and commitment to excellence. Explore our webpage to learn more about our products and how we can meet your needs.

Our Quality Control Process

Fibre Tensile Strength Test: This test assesses the strength of the carbon fibre wrapping to ensure it meets the required standards.

Tensile Properties of Resin Casting Body: It examines the resin casting body's ability to withstand tension, ensuring it can withstand various stresses.

Chemical Composition Analysis: This analysis ensures that the materials used in the cylinder meet the necessary chemical composition criteria.

Liner Manufacturing Tolerance Inspection: It checks the liner's dimensions and tolerances to guarantee precise manufacturing.

Inspection of Inner and Outer Surface of Liner: This inspection assesses the liner's surface for any defects or imperfections.

Liner Thread Inspection: Ensures that the threads on the liner are correctly formed and meet safety standards.

Liner Hardness Test: Measures the liner's hardness to ensure it can withstand the intended pressure and usage.

Mechanical Properties of Liner: This test examines the liner's mechanical properties to ensure its strength and durability.

Liner Metallographic Test: It assesses the liner's microstructure to identify any potential weaknesses.

Inner and Outer Surface Test of Gas Cylinder: Inspects the gas cylinder's inner and outer surfaces for any flaws or irregularities.

Cylinder Hydrostatic Test: Determines the cylinder's ability to withstand internal pressure safely.

Cylinder Air Tightness Test: Ensures there are no leaks in the cylinder that could compromise its contents.

Hydro Burst Test: This test evaluates how the cylinder handles extreme pressure, verifying its structural integrity.

Pressure Cycling Test: Tests the cylinder's ability to withstand repeated pressure changes over time.

Why These Tests Matter

All these rigorous inspections are crucial to ensure the quality of Kaibo cylinders. They help identify any defects or weaknesses in the materials, manufacturing, or structure of the cylinders. By conducting these tests, we guarantee the safety, durability, and performance of our cylinders, providing you with products you can trust for a wide range of applications. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

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