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3.7~9.0Ltr Ultra-Light Portable Type 4 Carbon Fiber Gas Cylinder

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The latest Type 4 Carbon Fiber Cylinders, ranging from 3.7L to 9.0L. Ideal for SCBA, respirators, pneumatic power, and SCUBA applications. Crafted with a high air tightness PET liner encased in carbon fiber, these cylinders prioritize safety with a high-polymer coat and rubber caps for added protection. Safety is paramount with high thermal barrier, multi-layer cushioning against impacts and a flame-retardant design. Customizable colors, minimal weight for easy mobility,limitless lifespan make these cylinders a reliable choice. Compliant with EN12245 standards and CE certified, our cutting-edge design ensures top-notch performance across various industries


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Product Number T4CC158-3.7~9.0-30-A
Volume 3.7L~9.0L
Weight 2.6kg
Diameter 159mm
Length 520mm
Thread M18×1.5
Working Pressure 300bar
Test Pressure 450bar
Service Life Limitless
Gas Air


-Superior PET Liner: Outperforming HDPE, our PET liner excels in airtightness, corrosion resistance, and high barrier properties.

-Fully Wrapped in Carbon Fiber: Ensuring robustness, our cylinders boast full carbon fiber wrapping.

-Durable High-Polymer Coat: Shielded with a lasting high-polymer coat for added protection.

-Rubber Caps for Extra Safeguarding: Both ends are fitted with rubber caps, enhancing overall safety.

-Fire-Retardant Design: Prioritizing safety, our cylinders feature a fire-retardant design.

-Multi-Layered Impact Protection: With multiple layers, our cylinders effectively guard against impacts.

-Remarkable Lightweight Design: Over 30% lighter than Type 3 cylinders, our design prioritizes ease of use.

-Explosion-Proof: ZERO risk of explosions, ensuring utmost safety in various applications.

-Customizable Colors: Personalize your cylinder with a range of colors to match your style.

-Limitless Lifespan: Our cylinders offer a limitless lifespan, providing a long-lasting solution.

-Stringent Quality Control: Rigorous quality control guarantees top-tier performance and excellence.

-CE Directive Standards Compliance: Complying with CE directive standards, our cylinders meet stringent regulatory requirements.


- Search and rescue operations (SCBA)

- Firefighter gear (SCBA)

- Medical breathing devices

- Pneumatic power tools

- SCUBA diving

- And more.

Why Choose KB Cylinders

At Zhejiang Kaibo Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd., a commitment to delivering excellence has driven our operations since our establishment in 2009. Our unwavering dedication to continuous improvement and prioritizing customer satisfaction distinguishes us in the industry.

Specializing in high-pressure gas cylinders, we tackle the challenges of their lifespan with innovation. Our focus on composite fully wrapped cylinders, utilizing high-strength, high-modulus carbon fiber materials, ensures exceptional durability. Safety is a paramount concern, evidenced by our unique "pre-leakage against explosion" mechanism, a groundbreaking feature that significantly minimizes risks associated with cylinder failure compared to traditional steel cylinders. Moreover, our cylinders are more than 50% lighter, providing a pragmatic and efficient choice.

Zhejiang Kaibo proudly produces both Type 3 and Type 4 cylinders. Wondering about the distinction? Type 3 cylinders boast aluminum liner with a carbon fiber wrap, while Type 4 cylinders utilize PET liner with a carbon fiber wrap, making them even lighter. Our cutting-edge Carbon Fiber Type 4 Cylinders, available in various capacities, excel in safety, featuring robust construction and a flame-retardant design, and they are over 30% lighter than Type 3 cylinders.

Concerned about certifications? Rest assured, our cylinders meet the stringent EN12245 standards and hold a CE certificate. Additionally, we hold the B3 production license, marking us as the original producer of carbon fiber fully wrapped composite cylinders in China.

Should you have specific requirements, customization is our forte. We're ready to tailor our cylinders to meet your unique needs.

Our journey, marked by milestones like obtaining the B3 production license in 2009 and achieving the status of a national high-tech enterprise in 2014, reflects our consistent growth, expansion, and commitment to excellence in the field.

In summary, Zhejiang Kaibo Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd. stands as a beacon of high-quality, lightweight, and safe gas cylinders. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and a relentless pursuit of improvement propel us forward. Explore our products further, and you'll witness how we redefine industry standards with a pragmatic approach and an unwavering commitment to excellence

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