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9 Liter Air Cylinder Type3 for Breathing Apparatus

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9 liter Composite Type 3 Cylinder – a versatile solution designed for safety and durability. Crafted with a seamless aluminum liner wrapped in lightweight carbon fiber. With a generous 9.0-liter capacity, it’s the ideal choice for various applications, from SCBA respirators to pneumatic power.Reliable 15-year service life, meeting EN12245 standards. Whether you’re in industrial, safety, rescue, firefighting fields, this cylinder offers a practical and long-lasting solution


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Product Number CFFC174-9.0-30-A
Volume 9.0L
Weight 4.9kg
Diameter 174mm
Length 558mm
Thread M18×1.5
Working Pressure 300bar
Test Pressure 450bar
Service Life 15 years
Gas Air


-Durability Guaranteed: Our cylinder features high-strength carbon fiber construction, ensuring a long-lasting lifespan.

-Easy to Carry: Its lightweight design makes transportation much easier, simplifying your tasks.

-Ultimate Safety: You can trust our cylinder in complete safety with its special design

-Quality Assured: We subject our product to a rigorous quality assurance process, maintaining the highest standards.

-Compliance Matters: It fully aligns with CE directive standards, meeting regulatory requirements.

-Efficiency and Capacity: Remarkably combining a generous 9.0L capacity with effortless mobility for various use cases. 


- Rescue and firefighting: breathing apparatus (SCBA)

- Medical Equipment: respiratory equipment for healthcare needs

And much more


Explore KB Cylinders: Your Reliable Solution

Q: What Makes KB Cylinders Stand Out?

A: KB cylinders, or Zhejiang Kaibo Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd., specialize in the design and production of fully wrapped composite cylinders with carbon fiber. What sets us apart from traditional gas cylinders is our commitment to safety and efficiency. KB cylinders are more than 50% lighter than steel gas cylinders. Our unique "pre-leakage against explosion" mechanism ensures that KB cylinders do not explode or scatter fragments in the event of failure, a significant advantage over traditional steel cylinders.

Q: Manufacturer or Trading Company?

A: KB Cylinders is a manufacturer with a distinction. We hold a B3 production license issued by the China General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ), setting us apart from trading companies. When you choose KB Cylinders, you are partnering with the original manufacturer of type 3 and type 4 cylinders.

Q: Cylinder Sizes, Capacities, and Applications?

A: Our cylinders come in a wide range of capacities, from 0.2L (minimum) to 18L (maximum). They find applications in various fields, including fire fighting (SCBA, water mist fire extinguisher), life rescue (SCBA, line thrower), paintball games, mining, medical, pneumatic power, SCUBA diving, and more. The versatility of our cylinders makes them suitable for diverse industries.

Q: Customization Available?

A: Absolutely! We are open to customization to meet your specific requirements. At KB Cylinders, we understand that every application may have unique needs, and we are here to tailor our solutions accordingly.

Explore KB Cylinders for lightweight, safe, and versatile composite cylinders that can revolutionize your operations.

Zhejiang Kaibo Quality Control Process

Stringent Quality Control at Every Stage

At KB Cylinders, we uphold rigorous quality standards throughout our production process. Each cylinder undergoes meticulous inspections at the incoming material, process, and finished product stages. We take these measures to ensure that the product delivered to you meets the highest quality criteria. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, and our commitment to quality reflects in our thorough inspection procedures.

1-Fiber Strength Assessment: We rigorously test the tensile strength of the fiber to ensure its robustness.

2-Resin Casting Body Evaluation: The casting body's tensile properties are meticulously examined for reliability.

3-Chemical Composition Analysis: We conduct in-depth analysis to verify the chemical composition's suitability.

4-Liner Manufacturing Tolerance Check: Precision matters; we inspect the liner for manufacturing tolerance.

5-Surface Quality Inspection: The inner and outer liner surfaces are carefully scrutinized for quality assurance.

6-Liner Thread Verification: Thorough thread inspections guarantee a secure fit.

7-Liner Hardness Testing: We assess liner hardness to maintain consistent quality standards

8-Liner Mechanical Properties: We thoroughly evaluate the liner's mechanical properties to ensure robustness.

9-Liner Metallography Test: Precise metallographic testing is performed on the liner for quality assurance.

10-Surface Integrity Examination: The inner and outer surfaces of our gas cylinders undergo meticulous testing.

11-Hydrostatic Testing: Cylinders are subjected to a hydrostatic test to verify their strength and integrity.

12-Airtightness Inspection: We ensure airtight performance through rigorous testing.

13-Hydro Burst Testing: Our cylinders undergo hydro burst testing to assess their durability.

14-Pressure Cycling Evaluation: Cylinders are tested under pressure cycling conditions to ensure reliability.

Choose Zhejiang Kaibo Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd. as your preferred cylinder supplier and experience the reliability, safety, and performance that our Carbon Fibre Composite Cylinder products offer. Trust our expertise, rely on our exceptional products, and join us in creating a mutually beneficial and prosperous partnership.

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