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Cutting-Edge Super-Light Firefighter Air Breathing System Composite Cylinder 6.8L

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Unveiling Our 6.8-Liter Carbon Fiber Type 4 Cylinder: Your Ultimate Choice for Safety and Versatility

–Engineered with a PET liner and encased in durable carbon fiber for unparalleled strength.

–Fortified with a high-polymer coat, ensuring enhanced protection and longevity.

–Equipped with safety-centric features like rubber caps on the shoulder and foot for added security.

–Boasts multi-layer cushioning, guaranteeing resilience against external impacts in any situation.

–Prioritizes safety with a flame-retardant design, offering peace of mind in critical scenarios.

–Customizable colors allow personalization to match preferences, adding a touch of individuality.

–Remarkably lightweight, facilitating effortless mobility and reducing user fatigue during use.

–Offers a lifespan without limits, assuring long-term reliability and consistent performance.

–Compliance with EN12245 standards and CE certification, reinforcing its commitment to quality and safety.

–Versatile 6.8L capacity caters to diverse applications, including SCBA, Respirator, Pneumatic Power, SCUBA, and more.


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Product Number T4CC158-6.8-30-A
Volume 6.8L
Weight 2.6kg
Diameter 159mm
Length 520mm
Thread M18×1.5
Working Pressure 300bar
Test Pressure 450bar
Service Life Limitless
Gas Air


--Reliable PET liner guarantees superior gas tightness, resisting corrosion and heat conductivity for optimal performance.

--Durable carbon fiber wrapping provides maximum strength and longevity, ensuring a robust solution for various applications.

--Enhanced protection with a high-polymer coat, offering an extra layer of defense against external factors.

--Safety-first design, featuring rubber caps at the shoulder and foot for added safeguarding in critical situations.

--Engineered with fire-retardant properties, prioritizing safety measures in all applications.

--Multi-layer cushioning ensures effective impact prevention, safeguarding the cylinder in challenging conditions.

--Remarkably lightweight, surpassing type 3 cylinders by over 30%, allowing for easy handling and reduced user fatigue.

--ZERO explosion risk, emphasizing our commitment to user safety in all scenarios.

--Customizable colors let you personalize your cylinder, adding a touch of individuality to your safety equipment.

--Infinite lifespan (NLL) ensures enduring reliability, making it a long-term solution for your safety needs.

--Rigorous quality control processes guarantee unparalleled excellence, meeting the highest industry standards.

--Compliant with CE directive standards and certified, assuring customers of the product's reliability and adherence to international benchmarks


- Rescue missions (SCBA)

- Fire protection equipment (SCBA)

- Medical breathing apparatus

- Pneumatic power systems

- Diving with SCUBA

among others

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Introducing KB Cylinders

KB Cylinders: Elevating Safety with Carbon Fiber Excellence

Who We Are: Discover the unparalleled quality of Zhejiang Kaibo Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd., a seasoned expert in crafting top-tier carbon fiber fully wrapped composite cylinders. With over a decade of industry presence, we hold a prestigious B3 production license from AQSIQ and stand tall with CE certification. As a recognized national high-tech enterprise in China since 2009, we prioritize quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Our Commitment to Quality: At the core of our success is a dedicated team, efficient management, and cutting-edge research and development. Employing advanced manufacturing technology and state-of-the-art equipment, we assure the exceptional quality of our products. This commitment has earned us a stellar reputation in the market.

Rigorous Quality Control: Trust in our products is reinforced by a stringent quality system. Certified with ISO9001:2008, CE, and TSGZ004-2007, our cylinders undergo meticulous inspections at every stage. From design and raw material selection to production and final quality checks, we maintain unwavering standards, leaving no room for compromise.

Innovation for Safety and Durability: Step into the world of KB Cylinders, where innovation meets safety and durability. Our carbon fiber fully wrapped cylinders, whether type 3 or type 4, are engineered for demanding environments. Surpassing steel cylinders in weight, they boast a unique "pre-leakage against explosion" mechanism, amplifying safety. Our commitment to research extends across design, materials, and processes, ensuring both practicality and aesthetics in every detail.

Explore KB Cylinders: Become acquainted with KB Cylinders, your reliable partner for all carbon fiber needs. Here, quality and innovation converge to redefine safety and durability standards. Join us in exploring a world where every cylinder is a testament to excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

KB Cylinders: Unveiling Distinctiveness in Carbon Fiber Excellence

1. What Sets KB Cylinders Apart? KB Cylinders redefine expectations with their cutting-edge design—carbon fiber fully wrapped composite cylinders, available in both type 3 and type 4. They excel in providing an unmatched combination of enhanced safety, reduced weight, and superior durability, setting them apart from traditional steel cylinders.

2. Manufacturer or Trader? Rest assured, we are Zhejiang Kaibo Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd., the original manufacturer of type 3/type 4 cylinders. Our proud distinction lies in holding the B3 production license, reinforcing our commitment to quality.

3. What Certifications Back Us? Our cylinders not only meet the stringent EN12245 standards and carry the CE certification but also proudly hold the B3 production license. This establishes us as the original and reliable producer in China.

4. How to Connect With Us? Connecting with KB Cylinders is seamless. Visit our official website, drop us a message, send an email, or simply give us a call. We're ready to assist with inquiries, provide quotes, or offer support tailored to your needs.

5. Why KB Cylinders? Explore the unique qualities of KB Cylinders—a perfect blend of quality and innovation. With diverse sizes, applications, customizable options, and an impressive 15-year service life, we emerge as your trusted partner for safety and reliability. Reach out today to discover how KB Cylinders can meet all your cylinder needs.

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