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Emergency Survival Breathing Apparatus Cylinder for Mining 2.7L

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Unveiling our 2.7-liter Carbon Fiber Type 3 Cylinder for emergency survival breathing—a meticulously engineered solution prioritizing safety and durability. Crafted with precision, it features a seamless aluminum core embraced by sturdy carbon fiber, achieving the perfect equilibrium of strength and lightweight design. The added protection of a glass fiber outer layer ensures resilience against impacts and scratches. With a 15-year lifespan, this cylinder stands as a dependable choice for mining respiratory equipment. Dive into a steadfast commitment to quality and longevity, experiencing reliability with every breath. Explore further to witness the excellence in our innovative solution

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Product Number CRP Ⅲ-124(120)-2.7-20-T
Volume 2.7L
Weight 1.6Kg
Diameter 135mm
Length 307mm
Thread M18×1.5
Working Pressure 300bar
Test Pressure 450bar
Service Life 15 years
Gas Air

Product Highlights

Tailored for Mining Environments: Specifically designed to meet the unique demands of mining, our cylinder stands out as the preferred choice for breathing apparatus, ensuring safety and reliability underground.
Long Lifespan, Consistent Excellence: Boasting an extended operational life, our cylinder maintains peak performance over time. You can rely on sustained excellence without the inconvenience of frequent replacements.
Effortless Portability: Engineered with ease in mind, our ultralight cylinder ensures effortless portability. Whether navigating mines or responding to emergencies, its lightweight design enhances maneuverability.
Uncompromising Safety, Zero Explosion Risks: Safety is our top priority. The cylinder is meticulously designed with robust safety measures and a special mechanism to eliminate explosion risks, providing a secure solution for critical applications.
Exceptional Performance and Dependability: Our cylinder stands apart with outstanding performance and unwavering reliability. Its high-quality construction makes it a trustworthy and dependable choice for challenging situations


Ideal air supply solution for mining breathing apparatus.

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Zhejiang Kaibo (KB Cylinders)

We're Zhejiang Kaibo Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd., specializing in the meticulous design and production of carbon fiber fully wrapped composite cylinders. Holding the esteemed B3 production license from the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine showcases our steadfast dedication to quality. Our global market qualification is further underlined by the prestigious CE certification. Recognized as a national high-tech enterprise in China in 2014, we're proud to contribute to various industries with an impressive annual production of 150,000 composite gas cylinders. Widely employed in firefighting, rescue operations, mining, and medical applications, our cylinders are a testament to reliability and excellence. Explore further to understand the innovation behind our products

Quality Assurance

Quality control is the cornerstone of our operations at Kaibo. Our commitment to excellence is fortified by a robust quality system, underscored by prestigious certifications such as CE, ISO9001:2008, and TSGZ004-2007. We place a premium on high-quality raw materials sourced from reliable suppliers, adhering to rigorous procurement procedures. This dedication to quality assurance ensures that every product leaving our facilities meets the highest standards. Explore the details of our quality protocols to discover how Kaibo sets the benchmark in reliability and performance

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets KB Cylinders apart in the world of composite cylinders? -- KB Cylinders distinguishes itself as a pioneer specializing in the production of carbon fiber fully wrapped composite cylinders, specifically focusing on type 3 cylinders. Our key distinction lies in delivering substantial weight savings of over 50%, a notable advantage compared to conventional steel cylinders.


How does the unique "pre-leakage against explosion" feature enhance safety in KB Cylinders? -- Our cylinders feature an innovative safety mechanism designed to prevent explosions and fragment dispersal in the rare event of a failure. This proactive design significantly mitigates risks commonly associated with traditional steel cylinders.


Is KB Cylinders a manufacturer or a trading company? -- KB Cylinders, also known as Zhejiang Kaibo Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd., proudly operates as a dedicated manufacturer rather than a trading company. Holding the esteemed B3 production license from AQSIQ, we stand as the original manufacturer of type 3 cylinders in China.


What certifications does KB Cylinders hold, ensuring quality and compliance? -- KB Cylinders upholds compliance with EN12245 standards and proudly carries the CE certification, providing customers with confidence in our commitment to international quality benchmarks. The possession of the B3 production license further reinforces our status as a licensed original producer in China.


How does KB Cylinders prioritize practicality and authenticity in its products? -- Our product range emphasizes reliability, safety, and innovation. With a sharp focus on practicality and authenticity, KB Cylinders emerges as the preferred choice for those seeking reliable and innovative solutions in the composite cylinder industry.


Why should customers consider KB Cylinders for their gas storage needs? -- Customers seeking seamless solutions prioritizing practical benefits, safety, and authenticity should explore KB Cylinders. Our unwavering commitment to innovation and reliability positions us as a leading choice in the composite cylinder industry.

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