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Emergency Portable Breathing Cylinder for Mining 2.4 Liters

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Introducing our Mining Emergency Portable Breathing 2.4-liter Carbon Fiber Composite Type 3 Cylinder. Crafted with a strong focus on safety and extended durability, this cylinder boasts a seamless aluminum liner expertly wrapped in resilient carbon fiber. The result is a robust design that efficiently contains high-pressure air, ensuring both strength and efficiency. With a 15-year lifespan, this cylinder guarantees enduring, reliable performance, making it the optimal choice for mining respiratory equipment. Explore further to discover the reliability and safety our product brings to the mining industry.

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Product Number CRP Ⅲ-124(120)-2.4-20-T
Volume 2.4L
Weight 1.49Kg
Diameter 130mm
Length 305mm
Thread M18×1.5
Working Pressure 300bar
Test Pressure 450bar
Service Life 15 years
Gas Air

Product Features

-Specialized for the specific respiratory demands of mining.
-Extended longevity ensuring unwavering, consistent performance.
-Effortless portability prioritizing user convenience.
-Safety-centric design eradicates any risk of explosions.
-Reliable and stellar performance consistently delivered


Air storage for mining breathing apparatus

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Kaibo's Journey

In 2009, our journey into innovation began, setting the stage for subsequent milestones:

2010: Attained the B3 production license, marking a strategic shift towards sales.

2011: Secured CE certification, unlocking international markets and expanding our production capabilities.

2012: Established market dominance with a substantial increase in industry share.

2013: Recognized as a science and technology enterprise in Zhejiang Province. Ventured into LPG sample manufacturing and developed vehicle-mounted high-pressure hydrogen storage cylinders, achieving an annual production capacity of 100,000 units.

2014: Attained the prestigious status of a national high-tech enterprise.

2015: Accomplished the successful development of hydrogen storage cylinders, with our enterprise standard gaining approval from the National Gas Cylinder Standards Committee.


Our history reflects a journey marked by growth, innovation, and an enduring commitment to excellence. Delve into our webpage for insights into our products and discover how we can tailor solutions to meet your unique needs

Our Quality Control Process

Our commitment to quality is exemplified through a series of rigorous tests conducted at each stage of our manufacturing process. Here's an extensive overview of the tests ensuring our cylinders meet the highest standards:

Fiber Tensile Strength Test: Checks the strength of the carbon fiber wrapping to meet strict criteria.
Tensile Properties of Resin Casting Body: Examines the resin casting body's ability to withstand tension for durability.
Chemical Composition Analysis: Verifies that materials align with essential chemical composition criteria.
Liner Manufacturing Tolerance Inspection: Ensures precision by checking liner dimensions and tolerances.
Inspection of Inner and Outer Surface of Liner: Assesses surface quality for a flawless finish.
Liner Thread Inspection: Validates correct liner thread formation, meeting safety standards.
Liner Hardness Test: Measures hardness for pressure and usage resilience.
Mechanical Properties of Liner: Examines mechanical properties for strength and durability.
Liner Metallographic Test: Assesses microstructure to identify potential weaknesses.
Inner and Outer Surface Test of Gas Cylinder: Inspects surfaces for flaws or irregularities.
Cylinder Hydrostatic Test: Determines safe ability to withstand internal pressure.
Cylinder Air Tightness Test: Ensures no leaks compromising cylinder contents.
Hydro Burst Test: Evaluates how the cylinder handles extreme pressure, ensuring structural integrity.
Pressure Cycling Test: Tests endurance under repeated pressure changes.


These thorough assessments guarantee our cylinders not only meet but surpass industry benchmarks, ensuring optimal performance and safety. Dive deeper to experience the unparalleled quality of our products

Why These Tests Matter

Our dedicated scrutiny of Kaibo cylinders is integral to ensuring their peak quality. These meticulous examinations play a crucial role in identifying any material flaws or structural vulnerabilities, assuring the safety, durability, and optimal performance of our cylinders. Through these in-depth analyses, we guarantee dependable products that meet rigorous standards for various applications. Our unwavering commitment to your safety and satisfaction takes center stage. Delve deeper to uncover how Kaibo cylinders set a new standard for excellence in the industry

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